How Much Space Do I Really Need?

How Much Space Do I Really NeedMore than Likely this is the first question we are asked when meeting with a commercial real estate company in CT to discuss their requirements. There are many factors that drive the Answer:
1.)     How will the space be used?
2.)     Who will the space be used by?
3.)     What type of interaction exists within the company?
4.)     Do you have a sales force in an open area? Traditional offices? Both?
The space you occupy should meet both the physical and cultural needs of your company. After all, it’s more than just space. It’s a working environment for your most important asset, your people.
These and many other considerations combined establish the parameters of your space requirements. Your real estate representative needs to be a good listener. By asking the appropriate questions, he or she should learn as much as they can about your business and company’s objectives. The following is a helpful guide in starting the process. This chart will enable you to gather your basic space requirement. Here is an example:
Various Types of Office                          Area                X # of offices = Total 
Senior management Offices                240 (SF) x 2                                 480
Mid Level Management                      180 (SF) x 2                                 360
Typical Private Office                         120 (SF) x 3                                 360
Standard Cubicle                                  40 (SF) x 5                                  200
Conference Room for 12+ furniture     300 (SF) x 1                                300
Reception Area for 6 guests                 300 (SF) x 1                                300
Typical copy room                               180 (SF) x 1                                180
Staff lounge for 6                                 250 (SF) x 1                                250 
Here we can add special purpose rooms, etc.
Subtotal: 2430 square feet
Add 25% of this figure for circulation to reach what we call in the trade “usable area.” This can be defined as hallways, walkways, file space, etc. Part of the process is to refine your requirements based on shape and design of the floor area, furniture placement, etc. The example above would require an additional 608 square feet of space, bringing the total to approximately 3040 square feet for a 12 person office. This is just a guide.
We hope you find this information useful. I invite you to call us to assist you with your next location.
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