Relocation 101

Relocation 101You know you need a new office, but you are not exactly sure how to go about finding one that fits your needs. Try these helpful tips:

  • Quantify your needs. Do not rely on instincts. You may sense you need more space, but exactly how much do you require? Calculate your space and resource needs. Then compare them to available locations.
  • Quantify what you are willing to pay for new digs. Establish a budget that will allow you to move to an appropriate location without pushing you into bankruptcy.
  • Location, location, location. The interior of a space may suit you perfectly, but its location could prove disastrous if it deters or inconveniences customers and clients. If its exterior is just plain ugly you have to consider the outside as well as the inside of the space.
  • Anticipate the future. Moving is expensive, so you do not want to have to do it again in the near future because you quickly outgrew your new space. Reasonably account for your company’s future prospects for growth, and find a location that can accommodate them.
  • Inspect the utilities. Make sure the buildings electrical system can provide your business with all the power it requires. Also, look into its heating and cooling systems to ensure they will efficiently adjust the interior environment when the weather outside changes. Last but not least, make sure the site’s restrooms are in working order.
  • Check for handicapped access. Many businesses are now required to accommodate the special needs of the disabled. If you are moving into an old building whose bathrooms and entrance ways were constructed before such statutes took effect, you could be looking at an astonishingly expensive and lengthy remodeling process to get up to code. Do some research on the front end so you will not get smacked with a big renovation bill on the back end.
  • Do not be afraid to get help. Many consultants and real estate agents in CT  specialize in matching businesses to available office spaces in CT. Find one who listens to your needs, instead of trying to sell you on spaces that do not fit you bill.
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