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How Much Space Do I Really Need?

More than Likely this is the first question we are asked when meeting with a commercial real estate company in CT to discuss their requirements. There are many factors that drive the Answer: 1.)     How will the space be used? 2.)     Who will the space be used by? 3.)     What type of interaction exists within the company? 4.)     Do […]

Relocation 101

You know you need a new office, but you are not exactly sure how to go about finding one that fits your needs. Try these helpful tips: Quantify your needs. Do not rely on instincts. You may sense you need more space, but exactly how much do you require? Calculate your space and resource needs. […]

Apartment Sector Trends

A recent article, titled “Apartment Sector Trends – Supply and Demand” read in the Reis Report publications, states that demand for apartment units has been strong for the past three years, and has still increased through the last quarter. With the apartment sector of real estate performing so well it is of little surprise that […]

Do a Few Good Weeks Mean a Good Year Ahead?

Clarion Partners, a leading New York-based global investment manager, epitomizes what has been occurring in the U.S. commercial real estate investment sales market over the past few weeks. Clarion has been on a tear, as has the investment market. · In a joint venture with MetLife Real Estate Investors, Clarion purchased the 1.4 million-square-foot Constitution […]