Property Management


We see things from property owners’ point of view; that’s what makes us different from the rest when it comes to our property management services.

A well-planned real estate investment is one of the smartest you can make, and we know how to help you maximize the return on your investment. From turning around distressed properties to taking sound assets and maximizing their potential, we have what it takes to help you achieve your goals. Our main focus is New Haven County and the surrounding area, but we manage properties throughout Connecticut.

We offer prompt and confidential services in marketing and feasibility studies, investment surveys and tax appeals. We handle property management  on all types of properties, and our portfolio includes commercial sites and homeowner associations.

Whatever your property management needs, Levey Miller Maretz is the right choice to maximize your property value and efficiency. Contact a member of our team for more information.

Here are the properties Levey Miller Maretz manages:

Rockwood Manor Apts
Hilltop Terrace Apts
Lakeshore Apartments
Kinney East Rock
Central Street Apts
Pond View Apartments
Vesta GreenView Apartments

Milford Industrial Park
140 Bradley Rd, Woodbridge
Fulkerson Drive, Waterbury

Blake Street Center
McLagon Foundry
Goldratt Institute
Mt. Carmel Office
201 Orange Street
1768 Litchfield Turnpike

D’Andrea’s Plaza
Westville/Whalley Retail
Allingtown Plaza
CVS/BB Hamden
Shops at Mt Carmel
Grand & Ferry Plaza
Branford Hill Retail Center

Victoria Beach
Oyster Cove
Phoenix Landing
The Priory
Mill Rock Condominiums
Longmeadow Condominiums

Mixed Use

21 Broadway (New Haven)
1240 Whitney Ave (Hamden)